Creating tomorrow

In the master we developed as a team an overall concept for the manufacturer of autonomously driving vehicles for agricultural operations. The strengthening of the brand as well as the long-term positioning on the market was the focus of this project. The concept box developed offered the company a strategic construction kit with over 70 innovative concepts from the potential fields of communication, financing, implementation, use, maintenance, sales, data management, organizational form and growth. These categories cover the entire customer journey and also shed light on future development opportunities. As a tool, the box can be used to shape the company’s strategic approach through different combinations of the concepts of the company through different combinations of the concepts and to set different company foci.
The accompanying roadmap serves as a clear guideline for the company, to support implementation.


This project was created in collaboration with Felix Fastenrath, Linda Kraft, Eva Müller, Severin Hackspiel, Philipp Czampiel, Florian Valentin, Pin-Yu Chiu, Yannick Tu

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